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February 13, 2020

Batara Nusantara Express – is a company engaged in shipping and logistics services. We are located in Medan, North Sumatra.

Our company offers total logistics solutions with services including freight forwarding, logistics, heavy equipment rental, and specialist distribution ranging from simple to complex transportation solutions.

We provide freight forwarding services, moving services, transportation of heavy equipment via land, sea, or air both for shipping to all regions in Indonesia and internationally. Through our international agent network that has strong links with all shipping lines, the prices offered are very competitive.

We have established good partnership relationships with individuals, national companies, and multinational companies in terms of shipping and moving goods to all regions of Indonesia and abroad.

With our service, you do not need to be confused thinking about the problem of moving and transporting goods for a considerable distance. The delivery of goods is very safe and monitored by our team so that goods can be assured of getting to your location safely without any lack.

Batara Nusantara Express is facilitated by a quality fleet that is suitable for use that is able to accommodate a large number of goods at once so that it will be more efficient in terms of energy, time and cost.

The fast shipping process can guarantee the goods arrive in accordance with the estimated time if there is no traffic disruption. We make it easy to send your goods.

We always try to provide the best service to ensure your comfort and satisfaction in using our services. Entrust your shipping needs only to Batara Nusantara Express, a national and international cargo service solution.

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: +62 61 420 68785

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