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February 13, 2020

Batara Nusantara Express – Along with the development of technology and the impact of globalization, the need for expeditions has increased. Freight forwarding, moving house, office moving services are increasingly needed.

With the expedition service provider, all matters related to the delivery of goods both domestic and international scale will be greatly facilitated. For shipping goods you must use a reliable logistics transportation services.

This aims to prevent unexpected bad things and goods from getting to the location safely without any mistakes. Batara Nusantara Express has become a highly recommended transportation logistics service.

We provide freight forwarding, moving house, heavy equipment rental and transport services, as well as logistics transportation. Our company is located in Medan, North Sumatera.

We help you ship your goods by using a fleet of adequate quality to accommodate a large number of goods at once. This will be more efficient in terms of cost, energy and time.

We have been trusted for many years to become partners for individuals, national and multinational companies in the field of logistics transportation via land, sea and air because we excel in terms of quality, fleet and price.

We offer logistical transportation services at very competitive prices depending on the distance traveled for the delivery of goods. entrust your expedition needs only to Batara Nusantara Express as a reliable and affordable shipping service.

Contact our contact below:

: +62 61 420 68785
: info@bataranusantaraexpress.com
: bataranusantaraexpress@gmail.com

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