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February 13, 2020
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February 13, 2020

Batara Nusantara Express – In shipping goods, whether moving house, office, heavy equipment shipments or other goods, both simple and complex, of course there are procedures that must be performed.

The purpose of the procedure is for the shipping process to run smoothly, neatly and in order and to anticipate things that are not desirable.

The following are some of the procedures for shipping goods that are good and right that must be obeyed:

1. Booking Shipment / Order

Before entering into a shipping agreement, the sender of the goods must complete documents such as a photocopy of KTP, NPWP, and SPPKP. This serves to simplify the communication process if there are some things that are needed quickly at the time of delivery.

In addition, the sender must explain in detail the type of goods and the weight of the goods to be shipped. This aims to determine the empty container in accordance with the goods to be sent

2. Receiving and checking empty containers

The empty container used must match the type of item to be shipped. The shipping service provider has an empty container for the sender, then the sender has the right to check whether the container is suitable for sending the goods.

The sender has the right to refuse the given container if it is deemed unfit or not in accordance with the conditions of the cargo with no replacement fee.

3. Determine the maximum weight of the contents of the container

The next procedure for shipping goods is to determine the maximum weight of the contents of the container. Before sending, the freight forwarder will explain the maximum weight of the container to be used for shipping.

4. Provisions for perishable goods

Delivery of perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc. that have been distuffed in a general purpose container, is not the responsibility of the service provider if damage occurs due to delays in the fleet.

Goods that have the potential for condensation should not be placed in a full container. Keep the item from reaching the roof of the container, so that there is ventilation when shipping.

5. Provisions for shipping liquid objects in tanks

Delivery of liquid objects contained in this tank must be welded with the container to be used. This serves to ensure the safety of the goods during the shipping process.

Delivery of goods carried out in accordance with established procedures can guarantee the safety of the goods, as well as prevent damage to the goods during the shipping process.

Now those are some procedures as instructions for the smooth process of shipping goods. By complying with applicable procedures, it is expected that the delivery of goods and heavy equipment can run smoothly as expected and the goods arrive at their destination safely and quickly.

Batara Nusantara Express is one of the providers of freight forwarding, logistics, heavy equipment rental, and specialist distribution. We serve shipments of goods and heavy equipment between cities as well, even between countries or on an international scale by shipping via land, sea and air.

We are ready to become a partner that you trust to meet the needs of your expedition and transportation solutions from simple to complex.

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